Klunder Architecten can call itself a specialist in the field of residential high-rises in the center of Rotterdam. After projects such as the towers on the Boompjes (1989) and the Hofdame complex on the Binnenrotte (2007), the office designed 100Hoog. This building on the Wijnhaven is one of the best examples of luxurious housing in the center. There is room for no less than 152 apartments as well as space for hotels, restaurant and caf├ęs in the plinth. A home in the lower part of the building, an apartment in the high-rise and the communal courtyard: during the Architecture Day you can see it all. A guide will take you on tour through the 100Hoog to show you all facets of this manifold tower.


Wijnstraat 75


Klunder Architecten 2013


Prijs: gratis, geen ticket nodig
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Duur: 45 minuten


  • 14.00 - 14.45 vol
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