City Cruise Special

During the Day of Architecture 2019 we showcase four areas: the Lloydkwartier, the Museum park, the Maritime District and the Wilhelminapier. All areas are joined by the river and have only recently been connected by the Erasmus bridge, the metro and the water taxi. These connections have been essention for developments on all sides, mainly for the Wilhelminapier. Nowadays you have wonderful views from both sides of the rivers. Get on board of the Tenders, old boats used with the famous SS Rotterdam cruise ship, and experience the city in a new way. During each boat tour a professional guide will tell you all about the impressive skyline of Rotterdam. City Cruise on Sunday 12.00 is in English.


Steiger Leuvehaven



Prijs: 13,50 Euro
Start: Pier Leuvehaven
Duur: 60 minuten