Erasmus MC

The largest academic hospital of The Netherlands is situated right in the middle of Rotterdam. A new complex that combines care, research and education is now realized in place of an existing older hospital. Through the new construction the Erasmus MC is transformed from a collection of separate buildings to an integrated whole. Join a guide to explore the new hospital and learn everything about the design of a state of the art hospital! EGM architects tell you about what it takes to design 207000 m2 of hospital space on a small area of the city and why day light is so important in realizing the optimal healing environment for staff, patients and visitors.


Doctor Molewaterplein 40


Ziekenhuis Dijkzigt: 1952-1960 A. Viergever, B.M. den Hollander (Gemeentewerken Rotterdam)

Hoogbouwtoren 1965-1968: OD 205 i.s.m. Jean Prouvé

EGM complex: EGM architecten 2004 - 2017


Prijs: Gratis, no ticket needed, full = full
Start: Main entrance, at the sculpture Duna in the passage 11:00-17:00 continuously
Duur: 60 minuten