Almost forty years ago the Wilhelminapier looked like a grey and deserted port area. For those who have witnessed this site, the peninsula looks almost unrecognizable. In three decades the Wilhelminapier has developed rapidly. It is now an area for living, working and relaxing. Several entrepreneurs and cultural institutions made the leap to the other side of the river. It took quite some time, but finally this part of town is being considered a natural extension of the city centre. But who thought that no new buildings would fit anymore in small strip of land, is mistaken. The final developments of the area are still taking shape. Most recently with the renovation of the KPN tower and the design for MVRDV’s The Sax. Very soon the peninsula will be completely full. Also the Rijnhaven area becomes more and more part of the Wilhelminapier. During the Day of Architecture you can discover the history of this special area, how it functions now and how it will look in the future.