Sander van Wettum

11 June - 11 July 2021

At OMI, photographer Sander van Wettum takes you to popular holiday destinations on the Mediterranean. Hibernation is an exploration of South European seaside resorts, photographed during the off-season. He shows these places when there are no tourists, in a fascinating journey along empty beaches, alienating architecture and surreal landscapes.

The coastal towns offer a surreal image when the protagonists are not present. For the exhibition, designer Iris van der Wal has made a special installation. You stroll past the architectural features of a fictional seaside resort.

The photo series is about dreams and desires, but also about the impact of mass tourism on nature and the landscape. At a time of a global pandemic, ‘Hibernation’ is more relevant than ever. His book of the same name will be presented at OMI during the exhibition.

Idea & Compilation:

Sander van Wettum


Iris van der Wal


Ulli Baisch and Jurgen van der Vlies