City Lust in 3d

Charlie Koolhaas

17 January – 8 March 2020

In her book City Lust, Charlie Koolhaas – an artist, photographer, and writer – takes us to London, Guangzhou, Lagos, Dubai, and Houston, cities in which she has either lived or worked. For the exhibition at OMI, she recreates the streets and alleys of these cities, so that you can feel what it is like walk through them. These images appear along side her more recent sculptures of Rotterdam.

“City Lust is an attempt to think outside of the parameters of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – to observe the world in motion without the moralism that seem sometimes required of an artist. I want to reveal both new potentials and tensions, new connections as well as polarities, to create a nuanced, almost jumbled, view of the world in its current state.”, Charlie Koolhaas